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Former NFL Athlete, Leadership Coach



Are you looking for a motivational speaker that focuses on leadership?
Walter Mendenhall is a PhD candidate in Organizational Leadership and has endured many obstacles but never wavered from achieving his goals. Throughout his life, he took on many leadership roles as a mentor, a coach, and an athlete. His journey led him to his true passion in life, which is teaching and mentoring to overcome adversity and becoming a positive leader through motivational speaking.

Book a guest speaker that will inspire and teach your staff or students how to become the leader that other leaders want to follow.

Business Leadership Speaker

Leadership is more than a word, it is showing the way, guiding, and influencing. Although the characteristics of being a boss and being a leader are similar, the actions taken are opposite. During his corporate event speaking and leadership training engagements, Walter Mendenhall walks you through how to be an effective leader.  Whether you need a keynote speaker for a conference, an inspirational speaker for corporate retreat, or business success coach, Walter engages with his audience to inspire and evoke leadership. Bring Your Team to the Next Level

Youth Motivational Speaker

From athlete motivational speaker to student motivation speaker, Walter uses his background to empower students to be leaders through his motivational speaking events. As a mentor, Walter Mendenhall has experience working with students and youth leadership programs to help encourage young adults to reach their goals by overcoming adversity. From a speaker for teens to inspirational mentor for young adults, Walter Mendenhall motivates students to overcome obstacles and become a leader. Set the Youth Up for Success

How to Become the Leader that Other Leaders Want to Follow

"Walter Mendenhall's Four Phases of Leadership workshop was galvanizing! He really pushed our fellows to critically contemplate their personal definitions of leadership and transparently discuss how their perceptions of leaders around them could help define and mold them as future healthcare professionals. His leadership curriculum was relevant and applicable to a wide variety of professionals, students, and leaders. Walter's charismatic presentation coupled with his tangible tips for improving leadership style ultimately helps an individual figure out how to stand out in this increasingly competitive world. We were grateful for this workshop experience!"

Shaneah Taylor
ChicagoCHEC Research Fellows Program Director

Who is Walter Mendenhall?

Walter Mendenhall is a PhD candidate in Organizational Leadership. He focuses on being a corporate leadership speaker and youth motivational speaker providing personal insight about adversity and overcoming obstacles by being a leader. Through his background, Walter endured many challenges to go on to become a star college athlete and then furthering his football career in the NFL. He now focuses on being a top leadership speaker to inspire and motivate people to be the best version of themselves.

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